About Us

We provide the best consultation services possible to improve our communities and our homelands. We aim to achieve this goal through collaboration, research, creativity and experience.

As Native Americans, we saw a need for an Indigenous owned environmental consulting firm that understands 1st-hand how environmental, social, cultural, legal, and economic issues impact Native Peoples.

It was for these reasons that we founded NativeSci LLC. Our goal is to provide high quality professional consultant services from a tribal perspective.

Meet the Team

Broadly speaking our team of scientists have experience doing a variety of technical research and writing. See our biographical sketches

Dawn D. Davis

Chieftess Executive Officer

Dawn D. Davis, M.A., is Chieftess of NativeSci and a current PhD student in the Natural Resources program at the University of Idaho (UI). Dawn is an Indigenous researcher who focuses on peyote (Lophophora williamsii) perpetuation and conservation. She has shared her research among Indigenous, academic, ethnobotanical, and psychedelic audiences nationally and internationally.

Dawn holds a master’s degree from the University of Arizona (UA) and a Graduate Certificate in the Administration and Management of American Indian Natural Resources, also from UA. She is familiar with Federal Indian Law and Indian water rights having studied extensively through the UA and UI and through her employment as a Contracting Officer. Dawn is co-editor for the Journal of Native Sciences and a founding member of the Source Research Foundation.

Lilianna Nolan

Technician/Admin Assistant